Thursday, August 22, 2013

Journal Entry #11 - Cher-like

11:05 am

I like visuals. I keep a map of the area with pushpins for each vic. The older vics clump together in the county north of the city. The younger vics are north of those and spread out. The MO has changed; older to younger. And location. Why? The condition and surroundings of the bodies have changed too. 


Maybe, but tox reports show the cyanide is exactly the same every time.

The clicking of a woman's heels turns my head. Nothing unusual there, but it's only Vecchio. Nice that she decided to show up for work. Not that I give a shit. She's wearing a ponytail today. Goes to the middle of her back. Blue shirt, tan blazer, skirt ... I notice she's a little cross-eyed and she has a bend to her nose, like maybe she broke it when she was a kid. I can't decide if she's pretty today or not. Cher-like, I guess. Like I said. I like visuals.

She says she found an apartment.