Saturday, August 24, 2013

Journal Entry #12 - Something about Frankie

11:30 am

I pour my second cup of coffee and remember my doctor telling me to cut back. Or switch to decaf. Or stop using three sugars. Don't he know I'm a cop? Besides, it goes with my morning paper. 

I get a call from my mom in Montreal. We're catching up and she keeps falling back on our native French. I make her speak English. Mostly. She ain't going to learn otherwise. When my cell phone rings I see it's Atkins. On Saturday. Another reason I need coffee. He says there's been another homicide. Woman found dead in her kitchen. Tells me to get ready. Vecchio's picking me up. I figure I can use the drive time to get some info on her. Something I can use. 

On the way to the crime scene, Frankie says something I never expected to hear. 
Come to find out, Agent Vecchio is a rookie.
BAM - 


  1. Fascinating. I shall have to work my way backwards to post #1 - fun that way. Thanks.

    1. I never thought of that. Thanks, Jane.