Monday, September 9, 2013

Journal Entry #29 - The common denominator

09:25 am

My job, my pention, not to mention the lives of innocent women, hinge on two possibilities: The lab results Walters is running, and Johnson finding something out of the ordinary with Riki Harrison’s body. Something blatant. Something that differs from OCME’s autopsy report—an omission, a variation, a modification of fact, a misrepresentation of evidence … hell, an out-n-out lie. Hunches and gut feelings are fine and they have their place, but they don’t carry the weight of cold hard fact.

Johnson calls me at home. Accuses me of keeping banker’s hours. He says his tests on Riki Harrison points to rat poison as the killing agent. Found a fresh needle mark in her left breast that he never would have seen had I not put him in the body transport with her. Tells me that whoever killed Anya Eiffel, killed Riki Harrison too.  Now I wanna see what the official OCME report shows. If it ain’t rat poison, then the lab is the common denominator. I tell Johnson to keep this under wraps for the time being. Then I ask him to pull the autopsy report for Georgia Parsons.

I wanna know if there’s mention of her virginity.

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