Saturday, September 7, 2013

Journal Entry #28 - Outside my authority

04:40 am

Something ain't sittin' right. Walters says there's a mix-up in the tox lab and he's finding duplicate results on separate vics. I don’t believe in coincidence, so I take a big chance and step outside my authority.

Before the transport moves Ricki Harrison’s body to the medical examiner’s, I tell Johnson I want him to take specimens and check for sexual assault, here in the transport, before she leaves for the ME’s office downtown. I tell him to run an independent tox screen on the sly. I want to compare his results against those from the ME’s office. He’s not happy about skirting procedure, not to mention undressing a dead woman in the back of the body transport, so I put a female officer in the van with him to cover his ass.

Mine, not so much.

Then before I hang up with Walters, I tell him to run tests on the baby bottle from the Templeton case since it was not tested. Kara Templeton died from a commercial grade of cyanide. The same water was in the baby’s bottle. I wanna see if the cyanide matches. 

Walters complains about his social life and Johnson thinks I’ve gone nuts.

I gotta think Johnson might be right.

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