Monday, September 9, 2013

Journal Entry #30 - I smell a rat

09:30 am

After I tell Johnson to check Georgia Parsons's autopsy report for mention of her virginity, he puts me on hold while he calls up the file. Atkins’s go-to-hell deadline has come and gone, and the only thing I have now that I didn’t have before is another dead girl. Johnson comes back on the line and tells me there is no mention of a hymen, but I know there should be. 

I'm beginning to smell a rat, so I tell Johnson to perform a follow-up autopsy on Harrison and to do it himself. He ain't happy, says something about his daughter's soccer game. But I need proof there's a problem at OCME, and Johnson's unofficial and unsanctioned findings from the crime scene do not constitute proof. 

I finish getting dressed for work and ponder the discrepancy. Georgia's best friend told me she was a virgin, a status most women no longer brag about, or consider a big plus when shopping for a husband. Johnson said he found a puncture wound on Riki Harrison's body and the specimens he pulled at the scene point to rat poison. But her OCME autopsy and tox reports have no mention of either. 

It might be possible for the medical examiner to miss the puncture wound in Riki Harrison's body if it was small enough, but the tox screens are more exacting. If the screens are legit, then the problem is with the source specimens, and Johnson's follow-up will verify that. But the key to this whole mess centers around the organ biopsys of the earlier victims. If Walters finds matches where there shouldn't be matches, then DNA identification is the next step and I'll get Vecchio on that. 

I don't believe in coincidences, but even if I did, there are too many questions floating around, the biggest of which is who performed Riki Harrison's autopsy....

... and I'm pretty sure I already know.

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