Saturday, August 3, 2013

Journal Entry #2 - A little "chat" with the new captain

5:53 am

Stacy Culver makes five dead women. Three are in their sixties, Culver and one other are half that age. I'll wait for forensics and autopsy reports on Culver to confirm poisoning, but now I'm sure there are two killers. Captain Atkins, of course, has a different theory. 
I hear Nichole's shuffle to a stop.
“Whatcha doin’, Pops?” 
Detective Nichols, the Golden Boy, has this snarky grin on his baby face. 
“Still working the cyanide case?”  
What a little asshole. 
“So it’s been what? Six months? Seven?”
I wanna put a 9mm round between his eyes. I tell him four months.
"A couple of us had a pool going to see if you remembered. Looks like I lost."
I have about enough of his shit and tell him to take a hike, but he says the Captain wants to see me.
“Says to be there at 8am.”

5:56. Looks like Stacy Culver will have to wait.
BAM -  

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