Friday, September 6, 2013

Journal Entry #25 - Tired of waiting

11:50 am

I hate waiting for call-backs. Being ordered to treat the CK homicides as if committed by a single killer is bad enough, but to have to sit around waiting for a phone call is absolute bullshit. I need answers. 

The same kid answers the phone at the tox lab again. I tell him in no uncertain terms that I want to talk to Browning right now. He says Browning just left for vacation. Now I want this kid's name. He starts to stutter.
He says his name is Russell Walters, Browning's colleague, and asks if maybe he can help me. I tell 'em it depends. I ask about the tox report on Anya Eiffel.

I want to know about the rat poison Vecchio tried to keep from me.

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