Friday, September 6, 2013

Journal Entry #24 - Rat poison?

7:15 am

The morning was cooler than usual for August and that was ok with me. I don't like the heat so much anymore. I expect Vecchio to come in a little after me, but I see two folders on my desk, squared and centered with a blue Post-it note. The swirly chick writing is Vecchio's. She was already here and gone.

The note says she don't feel so good. Lady problems, and she goes into more detail than I want to know. Says she'll be out a couple days. I crumple the note and toss it in the trash, get a cup of coffee with three sugars and then open the files.

Tox report says Anya Eye-Full died from the lower grade cyanide used in rat poison, not the industrial grade potassium-cyanide like the other vics. Wonder why Vecchio didn't feel that important enough to tell me that last night.

The phone rings. It's Atkins. He chews my ass because of this last murder. Threatens to take the case himself if I don't show results. Gives me 48 hours.

Shit. 48 hours.

Maybe without Vecchio in the way I can make some progress. I check the tox report and pick up the phone. When the tox lab answers, I ask for Harry Browning, the tech that filed the report.

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