Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Journal Entry #22 - Just another throw away junkie

2:05 am

"Just another throw away junkie." That's how Mannie Munroe refers to the dead girl in the bar's bathroom stall. You'd think for a newspaper reporter he'd show a little compassion. Putting my job on the line with his columns ain't helping his cause either. I decide to teach the little asshole that creative journalism is not a good career choice. 

Captain Atkins ordered me to work the single killer angle. OK. I just found this guy in with the dead girl. M.E. Johnson says he thinks she was poisoned with cyanide. Said she snorted it thinking it cocaine. Works for me. I tell Munroe that put him at the top of the suspect list to be the Cyanide Killer and arrested him on the spot for the murder of the dead girl. I actually saw the color drain from his face under the blue & red of the patrol car lights. Vecchio thinks I'm nuts, and emphasized the point with her I-talian hand-speak. Tells me I'll look bad. 

Like I don't already.       


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