Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Journal Entry #21 - Karma

01:40 am

It was past dinnertime so I sent Frankie for something to eat. On the way out, she's talking to the captain's golden boy, Detective Nichols. I asked her about it when she gets back. She says he asked her out. Sounded a little funny to me. I think I caught her off guard.

We're calling it a night when a call comes in. Dead girl in a bar. We pull up 40-minutes later.

The dead girl turns out to be a junkie from the neighborhood. Real attractive gal. Initial read says she OD'ed, but the field M.E. says there's an aroma of almonds ... a telltale sign of cyanide. The county boys have a suspect in custody cuffed in the back seat of a patrol car. Caught him in women's bathroom with the body. His name is Manny Munroe... 

... the reporter that wrote the column that's gonna get me fired.


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