Saturday, August 24, 2013

Journal Entry #15 - The San Diego discrepancy

5:40 pm

After Vecchio drops me at Squad, I check the Information Sharing Service. Both our agencies use it. It says nothing about younger victims in the San Diego case. Funny that Vecchio gets that wrong. When I spoke to Vecchio's boss, she told me to call day or night, so I do. Agent Kaitlin Donahue, her Irish accent is easy on the ears. She verifies what she told me before, says that the service is in error. Wonder why no one has picked up on that yet.

Vecchio picks me up around 4:15. Her hair is still in a ponytail and I wonder what she looks like with her hair down. We head to the club where the vic was the night before she died. 

Is that where she got the water that poisoned her and her baby?  
BAM -   

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