Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Journal Entry #7 - Shit rolls downhill

3:25 pm

I'm stifling a yawn talking on the phone with Captain Atkins. Been up for over 20-hours waiting on a tox report on Jamie McPherson. The tech is pissed I'm nagging him for the report. Says if I know something about about ion-exchange chromatography, I should do it myself. I decide to wait. 

I can't do these freaking marathons anymore. Too old. 

Jamie OD'ed on Ecstasy last night at a club. She had ID, but was underage. Soft of skin, clear of complexion; her youthful features betray her real age of sixteen. Gonna have to send Vice to the club to find out why they let her in. Pretty obvious she was too young.

I tell Atkins she's an overdose and not CK. He says it don't matter anymore. Top of the food chain is up his ass and to be in his office first thing Monday. 

He wants everything I have on CK.  


BAM - tinyurl.com/l89m699  

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