Sunday, September 1, 2013

Journal Entry #19 - Looks can be deceiving

2:15 pm

I learned one thing watching the video from the night club. Turning off the sound was a must. Can't take that nerve-racking shit they play now-a-days.

The vics are all younger now. This is different. Too different to be CK. And the killer is making mistakes, like the one with Kara's baby. He's experimenting. Working out the kinks. Kinks that didn't exist with the older victims. 

I pick up Vecchio to interview the young bartender's best friend. Turns out, Georgia Parsons was not what she seemed. According to her friend, she held a B.A. in History, loved Chocolate Labs, the beach, baseball, and wrote poetry. With her good looks, she could have collected men if she wanted. She never dated anyone from the club, and believed that pre-marital sex was a sin.

Young Georgia Parsons, was a virgin.    

BAM -  

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